Breaker Panels

Doing that big renovation and running out of space? Or how about upgrading one of those old fuse panels? No matter what your reason let us add or upgrade your breaker panels to a model that will support you now and into the future.

Ceiling Fans

Need to move air to make you feel more comfortable in your home or office space. Ceiling fans are great for cooling off without running that energy hogging air conditioner but did you also know they can increase comfort and save you money in the colder months too? In the colder months ceiling fans help to move the warm air that builds up by your ceiling to the lower area where you can feel it. We can also install multi speed switches so that you can easily control your fan without having to pull that annoying chain.

Generator Transfer Switches

Bought that generator and now want to avoid running all those extension cords every time the power goes out? Let us spec out the best transfer switch for your application. Whether you have a small generator to run a few essentials or a generator to run your entire house or business we can install the right equipment to make it work. Haven't got a generator yet? Even better! Let us look at your panel and determine your load requirement and recommend the best generator for your needs.

GFCI Outlets

Add or update your GFCI outlets to the current standards. Water and electricity don't mix but that's where GFCI outlets come into play. They should always be used in your bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere else water could be nearby. If you don't have GFCI outlets in these areas you could be in danger and you should make an appointment for us to come out and check your outlets immediately.

Industrial/Warehouse Lighting

Illuminate warehouse or industrial space with a wide array of lighting types. Choose from the common high pressure sodium or metal halide fixtures or upgrade to new energy efficient LED fixtures and bulbs. We can also repair your current lighting.

Office Lighting

New or upgraded office lighting. Choose from standard florescent or new energy efficient LED lighting.

Parking Lot Lighting

Illuminate your parking lot or parking garage with your choice of fixtures. Choose from various size poles and configurations to ceiling mounted fixtures for inside parking garages and structures.

Pole Lights

Want to add that special little touch to the outside of your home or business? A pole light will increase value, make a better first impression and increase safety. We can find the right light to give you the brightness you need while still looking good and matching your home or business' decora.

Switches and Outlets

Need some new outlets and switches installed? Have some older mismatching ones and want to upgrade to newer toggle or even decora models. New switches and outlets can add to the value of your home or business space and even increase safety. Did you know that if you only have a 2 prong outlet that your device may not be properly grounded. An ungrounded device can be very dangerous if the device becomes damaged or wiring shorts out. Let us check your outlets to make sure they are safe for your and your family. You can now even childproof your outlets with tamper resistant models that are resistant to objects other than regular plugs being inserted into them.